At a time when the EU finds itself in a perfect storm of crises, a bold move is needed to reinvigorate the EU and stave off the risk of disintegration. In order to address the inherent weakness of the EU’s monetary and economic governance, this pamphlet proposes a new treaty for the Eurozone: the Protocol of Frankfurt.
The Spinelli Group is promoting a cycle of meetings in national capitals to present their proposals on the main challenges facing the European Union. In 2016 events will be held in Rome, The Hague, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Warsaw. The meetings will also offer the occasion to present the reports being prepared by the Committee for Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament on the...
Les réfugiés qui quittent les zones de conflit seraient-ils définitivement condamnés à prendre tous les risques ? Le trafic de papiers et les quelques djihadistes infiltrés dans leurs rangs les condamnent-ils, alors qu'ils sont victimes, à être confondus avec leurs bourreaux ?
Sia Anagnostopoulou, ministre de l’Education, Grèce - François Gemenne, chercheur à Sciences-Po - Sylvie Goulard , députée européenne, - Angélique Kourounis, correspondante en Grèce pour la RTBF, RFI, « le Monde », Grèce - Modéré par Isabelle Durant, députée, présidente du Groupe Spinelli
The Future of the Arab World - Public debate June 30th 18:00-20:00 Bozar Brussels BOZAR - Salle M - Rue Ravenstein 23 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium This is not an Arab Spring, but an Arab Revolution. Four years after the revolutions of 2011, the Arab World seems to be fallen into chaos. Is this a reason for despair? Or are there elements for a better future to come? Top leaders of the Arab World will...
Pandora, Penelope, Polity: How to Change the European Union by Andrew DUFF -Under the patronage of President of the European Parliament Martin SCHULZ
27 mars - 18:00 -20:00 - Filigranes Bruxelles - conférence "Une Jeunesse européenne" de Guillaume Klossa, une suite du monde d'hier de Stefan Zweig?
17.03.2014 - 18h45 > 20h30 - European Parliament Brussels with Isabelle Durant and Guy Verhofstadt. Mr Jarba will speak about the current situation in Syria, the efforts undertaken to find a political solution...
15-16.02.2014 The Federalist Debate & Training Week-End is an international seminar for experienced and new activists, who are interested in discussing federalism and current European political issues ...
Order now the eBook version on Amazon, iTunes etc. "The financial crash and lengthy economic recession have tested the institutions of the European Union as never before."



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