EP - room JAN4Q1 - 26/06/2013 15:00-17:30. The economic and financial crisis is also a political and institutional crisis of the EU system of government. The most significant decisions to face the crisis have been taken by governments within the Eurozone, outside of the framework of the Lisbon Treaty
The European Federalism explained…to the Heads of State. Europe is facing an economic, social and environmental crisis, and Europeans must be further involved in the European project. The European citizens have to debate and decide the terms of their common future. The Spinelli Group, for the second time, and in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, The...
Listen to the Debate "Has the Arab Spring failed ? Is Europe conspicuously absent ?" Spinelli Debate on 10th April 2013 The EU was taken by surprise when the Arab world awoke, as demonstrated by the uncoordinated national responses rather than a European response. This situation highlights the need for a better structured...
Big decisions have to be taken in the next twelve months if the European Union is to be saved. This is the message from UEF president Andrew Duff MEP to mark Schuman Day, 9 May. The post-war project of European unification is under attack.
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