The Co-Chairs of the Spinelli Group in the European Parliament warn against European Council's attempts to repatriate power to national capitals and call upon Heads of State and Government to adopt a roadmap towards a Security Union.
After Brexit, the EU needs to organise a democratic Convention to become a real political union.
Die Spinelli Gruppe organisiert eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen in europäischen Hauptstädten um Vorschläge zu den zentralen Herausforderungen der Europäischen Union zu präsentieren und die zentrale Frage zu diskutieren, wie das europäische projekt neu durchstarten kann . 2016 werden Veranstaltungen in Berlin, Rom, Paris, Wien und Warschau stattfinden. Am 7. Juli besucht die Spinelli Gruppe Berlin...
The Spinelli Group regrets the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom and calls for a fast withdrawal process of the UK, a renewal of other Member States' commitment to European political unity and the preparation of a European Convention to reform the Union.
The Spinelli Group calls on the European Council to take resolute action to address the refugee crisis, by endorsing the Commission's proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard and recasting the Dublin Regulation in a spirit of European solidarity. A review of the governance of the Union is essential in order to provide it with the means to avoid humanitarian crises in the future.
At a time when the EU finds itself in a perfect storm of crises, a bold move is needed to reinvigorate the EU and stave off the risk of disintegration. In order to address the inherent weakness of the EU’s monetary and economic governance, this pamphlet proposes a new treaty for the Eurozone: the Protocol of Frankfurt.
What we need are more democratic and better controlled institutions, an independent budget for the euro area, and an outer circle for those countries reticent about an “ever closer union.”
The Spinelli Group calls for a European Border and Coast Guard, a Single European Asylum System, a European Intelligence Force and a European Police Agency Free movement of people and the abolition of internal border controls between Member States are one of the European Union’s greatest achievements. They have been instrumental in bringing European peoples together and they underpin the European...
Les réfugiés qui quittent les zones de conflit seraient-ils définitivement condamnés à prendre tous les risques ? Le trafic de papiers et les quelques djihadistes infiltrés dans leurs rangs les condamnent-ils, alors qu'ils sont victimes, à être confondus avec leurs bourreaux ?
19.11.2015 > 16H-17H15@Bozar PAR-DELÀ LES MURS, MOURIR POUR L’EUROPE ? Sia Anagnostopoulou, ministre de l’Education, Grèce François Gemenne, chercheur à Sciences-Po et à l’ULG, Belgique Sylvie Goulard , députée européenne, membre du Groupe Spinelli, France Angélique Kourounis , correspondante en Grèce pour la RTBF, RFI, « le Monde », Grèce Modéré par Isabelle Durant , députée, présidente du...